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Top 15 Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Top 15 Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

SEO beginners make mistakes, or because they are not aware of certain factors or because they do not understand properly. It is also a fact that the SEO industry is rapidly changing and what worked a few months ago may not work today if you need to stay educated and informed of the latest developments.

Here I present what I think are some of the most common SEO mistakes to avoid and what to do instead of giving a boost to their ranking.
Top 15 Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid
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1. Low Quality and Content Copying

It is annoying to find a website that exactly copied the content from top to bottom and still ranked higher than Google search results place. This also applies to the other. Stop being a gift and create your own original content that is authentic and sincere. Create content that is compelling and valuable to users, and Google certainly rewarded with a higher ranking in search results, or upload to websites Google penalty. The choice is yours.

2. Copied Copy

Remember the case of his school days when a student copying the work of another student? He was considered the sin of all sins. There was net catch breath when little Johnny cheat-a-lot stole Perfect-Pat-with-a-cherry-on-top of the work.

In conducting SEO audits for customer sites, it is common to find that another site has started its entire original content. Or worse, it's quite the opposite.

Developing unique and compelling copy can seem a daunting challenge. But stealing a competitor is not only illegal: Google can push your site so far in the ranking that no one will find, and in severe cases, de-index the entire site, so simply do so.There are many ideas for unique content on the web content section Wordtracker Academy.

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3. Internal Duplicate Content

I'm talking about duplication within your own website, do not steal the copy from other sites. Duplication occurs in a number of ways, so I separated two of the most common types below.

Condemning copy the contents of other websites is the duplication within your own website. In the duplicity, website occurs when the same content is duplicated in more than one place within your site or use the same title tags and meta descriptions on multiple pages. While the former is usually seen in e-commerce sites with multiple pages that include the same set of products, which occurs when content management systems automatically generated page titles. Besides being simple, the title of each page tags should represent the content of this page. Do not drag on meta descriptions. Make this as efficient and powerful as possible within the limit of 160 characters.

4. You do not have Unique Title Tags and Description

This is probably the biggest mistake of SEO and despite the importance of Google and Bing still some websites have unique titles for each page. The most common errors are:

Having all pages with the same title

Including the name of the web page in the page title (which is allowed to do on the home page, but it is not necessary for the rest of the pages)

Make the title of 65 characters

Descriptions should be unique (between 150-160 characters), NOT keyword stuffed and attractive to the user. A good description can increase your click through rate (CTR) and if your content provides what he promised in the description, is more likely to have high conversions as well.

5. Use the Right Keywords

Keywords can be the center of your SEO campaign if optimized properly. Not only is it important to use keywords that best reflect the products sold by you, but also coordinates with what types search in the search area. Be specific while using keywords. You might think that this particular keyword is suitable for industry, but researchers could not necessarily think the same thing. Before inserting constantly keywords phrases in content, educated in research and keyword analysis first. Another tactic used by unscrupulous SEO keywords unnecessarily inserted into web pages only to improve the ranking of a site is abnormal. The words and expressions recurring create a bad impression and can even save a penalty from Google.

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6. Broken links

A link is a name given to a hyperlink pointing no more to its intended destination. You have been conquered by the sales spiel of an article and are desperate to see what is on the other side of the link, as in the following example:
Obviously, everyone in their right mind can click on a link that promised to look 10 years younger and, argh! It's broken!

Sites accumulate naturally broken links, but they are a major nuisance for visitors and Google does not like either. But if they are so natural, why Google penalizes you for them?

It is because of the bad links will earn you a bad reputation. And people whose reputation online are considered authorities in nothing (except to get a bad reputation, that is).

Anyway, Google lowers ranking sites with many questions like this, not a rebel without a cause. Do some regular cleaning in place.

7. Declining Cheap SEO Services Using Black hat Techniques

SEO fast and cheap solutions are almost always involved in black hat techniques. These are aggressive SEO tactics that usually do not follow the guidelines of search engines.Popular methods are keyword stuffing (where a keyword is repeated inept in the content as often as possible), the use of hidden text (hide all keywords that filled so that is not seen by the human eye the example of the same color as the background) and link buying (buying links rather than engaging in legitimate link building activities).

Before hiring an SEO service or organization, be aware of the strategies and techniques they advise. If it sounds too easy and fast, which may well be false

8. Do not use the Alt Tag

Use the Alt tag for naming images. Pictures can only be encrypted by the search engines. So you must fill the Alt tag to tell the search engine what the image is about. alt tag can be a brief descriptive phrase of the image and can include the keyword. Do not use the same descriptive phrase in more than one image, unless the images are the same.

9. URL Structure

Just as it is important to target keyword phrases in your content, you need to name the structure of your URLs after your main key phrase. URL structure must also be relevant to the content of your website. This URL structure can help search engines and researchers relate to your content.

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10. You are not active in social Media

Social media is one of the best and most effective ways to promote your website or new content. It is a big mistake if it is not active on at least one social media platform. Most experts agree that social signals SEO are gaining more ground as a ranking factor and also the benefits of SEO, social media is also a good source of traffic.

You are not required to be active in all or wasting much time, but you have to find which platform is best suited to your audience adapts and try to build authority and trust after the leaders in your niche and exchange of information content and useful. You can read my previous article: SEO improves their social networking profiles for details on how to perform the basic settings for their Facebook profiles, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

11. You have not registered your website with Google and Bing webmaster tools

Do not make your site registered with Google and Bing Webmaster Tools is like driving with your eyes closed. Google and Bing have created Webmaster Tools as a way to help website owners to learn more about its properties. There is absolutely no reason why you should not register your website. There are many advantages to win and the process is simple and even a beginner can do.

Instead of guessing what might be wrong and not get much traffic from search engines, you should open your eyes and enjoy the information given to you by the search engines.

12. You are not doing an Internal Link

Interlink your pages together is necessary for 3 reasons:

  •     You help search engines to discover other pages of your website
  •     A link to an internal page is a signal to search engines that the page is important for your site
  •     You help users find information on a topic that interests them.
Most website owners do not even bother to make internal links, either because they believe it is a waste of time or because they are unaware that internal links are good for SEO.

Best practices for internal links:

  •     Linking relevant pages together, both in the text and provide a section of "similar pages" at the bottom of each page. See the bottom of this article (below my author bio for an example).
  •     Not always use a brand keyword text but also use things like "click here", "more", etc.
  •     Not always link new pages with older pages, but go back and connect the old pages to new pages. I know this is difficult, but you should add this task to your schedule.
  •     Ensure that the pages you want to rank higher in the SERPs are the internal links. Tip: You can consult the report in Google Webmaster Tools selecting traffic and internal connections.
  •     Try having 2 to 10 inmates per page (depending on the length and type of content) links.

13. Not allowing your site to be crawled

Matt Cutts, head of Google search spam, recently cited this as one of the biggest mistakes people make when creating their websites.

In a video about basic SEO mistakes Cutts explains that if you make your site difficult for a search engine to find the robot, Google can not index and will not be classified.

By configuring Google and Bing Webmaster Tools in place, access to it is constantly monitored.

Find out all you need to know about Google spider

14. Not allowing your site to be crawled

Participate in SEO is free in practice because no media spend involved and their appearance in the results of search engines is free. However, there is a good amount of effort it takes to make sure your site is involved in so many SEO strategies to rank highly on the search results page.

You may want to set aside a budget of SEO tool, board or agency to help you achieve a higher ranking over time. If you need to justify spending your SEO, you can use the tool SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker to compare the current standings with a date in the past, for example, when a new campaign began, made significant or changed strategy innovations.

Quick SEO services that offer cheap solutions and black hat can be easy for a short-term project, but it will cost in the long run.

15. You do not have a consistent publishing plan

No matter if you publish new content every day, every day or once a week; what is more important is to have a constant release program. Decide in advance how many times you plan to publish new content and when and stick to that plan no matter what. What I do to ensure that my plan will not miss is to prepare in advance some blog posts that have a week to 10 days to find a little time and develop new content.

Consistency has a value of SEO and it does bring more traffic. Neil says with some examples of the importance of creating great content on a consistent basis. You can also read my previous post: How often should you publish new content to get an idea of how you can create your publishing plan.

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