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How To Build Natural Backlink Profile to Your Website & Blog SEO

How To Build Natural Backlink Profile to Your Website & Blog SEO

Building a natural link profile setback in SEO is very important, especially after the Penguin update, especially if you wish to increase the ranking of a website in Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Your backlink profile and should be a natural, clean and diversified product. Gone are the days when you could buy 1,000 fiver recoil and improve your ranking in Google and now the link building strategy has completely changed and the strategies and practices not work in 2015.

Google wants his retreat are to be sincere and must come from other blogs and websites highest authority and relevant in your niche. So how is exactly what is going to build a natural link profile setback for your site or blog so that Google does not penalize you for building artificial links and what we will discuss in this post.
Literally, I saw many beginning bloggers and website owner who still live in old age and think they can get by creating spam links to spam sites and increase its position in search engines, but no matter what smart thinking that Google are smarter then us and now have become a very sophisticated algorithm that is the best in the company in the ranking of websites on Google.

So if you just started a blog or website and want to improve your ranking in Google, then you have probably read this post completely and I'm sure you can avoid penalties and blogs that Google will improve the positioning of the engine search google So, without wasting much time lets you see how to get a natural link profile setback for your website and blog for SEO

How To Build Natural Backlink Profile to Your Website & Blog SEO

1) Anchor text - If you want to build links natural backlinks to your blog site then you have to smartly use your anchor text recoil. Your anchor text should not be rich in keywords but has to be good variation of its brand name, complete URL, partial keywords to match keywords to the text, the name of relevant additional domain added the word key prefix, suffix added to the keyword, synonyms, etc. .
Your backlink profile is diversified enough to look natural and not recognize that Google is manually generated kickback. This is the backlinking strategy that works like a charm and you will be able to improve your Google ranking very easily.

I have seen many bloggers and webmasters beginners who do this SEO mistakes that create the same amount of keyword rich backlinks to their blogs and websites and end up being penalized or lower rank in Google.

So I recommend you consider the keywords you want to rank your position in Google and find other relevant and similar words and build backlinks using these keywords and this certainly goes for help and was also able to classify word for different keywords and search terms on Google.

2) Diverse profile setback - If you want to display and customers to think that the customer display is the best way to build backlinks to your blog or website and spend most of the time in backlinks construction making client and then stops. If you get all your backlinks by the same method, so it will not make your natural looking backlink profile.

And Google is that you are more on the use of a particular method to build your backlinks and may penalize your site. So the best way to avoid this is to get backlinks from different sources such as blog commenting, social bookmarking sites, customer display, blog directories, content marketing, computer presentation graphics, etc.

If links to your website is constructed in this way, I am sure that your backlink portfolio will be clean and diversified. Therefore, I recommend you never rely on a single source and strategy to build all your backlinks.

3) Frequency - One of the biggest mistakes of SEO that most bloggers make is that they do not keep an eye on how often they receive backlinks to your blog or website. I saw many beginning bloggers who are dedicated to building a plentiful during the first few weeks of their new website link and then suddenly stops build backlinks.

And this is very unnatural What Google will consider and consider the fact that your site gets no link as once the value of your blog is reduced in terms of continuous flow of new inbound links to your blog. I recommend to all those who continue building links to your blog with constant and consistent phase. Should not be 100 backlinks 0 backlinks first month and on the other.

So if you want to create a natural link profile setback, then you need to make a schedule that you need that amount of inbound links to your blog this week or month and stick to this strategy

4) Objective recoil - I've seen many bloggers who build backlinks to your home page and never bothered to construct backlinks to internal pages and post and this is still a very big SEO mistake. Yes, it is very natural that your home page website naturally get more links to it, but you should also try to obtain inbound links to your internal pages and drastically improve your overall SEO your blog or website web.

And Google also will consider you are, in fact, give value to users by making the useful promoting your blog work instead of focusing solely to rank your website for a keyword and it will make your link profile Kick looks natural.

So friends this was the way to build the link profile natural retreat for your site or blog in SEO, if you like this post please share and if you have a question and doubt to please ask via comments and do not forget tell me how to build their natural retreat and I would like to hear
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