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Ping My Blog Post To Google, Yahoo, Bing Search Engines

Ping My Blog Post To Google, Yahoo, Bing Search Engines

Ping My Blog Post To Google, Yahoo, Bing Search Engines

If you want to know how to ping my blog for search engines Google and several directories below blogs Blog Pinging sites are very useful if you find that your blog posts are not indexed quickly in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, many newbies often bloggers this question of how to get your blog posts indexed by the search engines Google and then these blog ping sites are very useful to ping your blog or website and what these sites ping sends pings fact all major search engines and blog directories that you have new blog on your blog for your blog posts indexed quickly, whether you use blogger or wordpress or other blogging platform, it works for all

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Then ping your blog to blog ping sites receive your blog posts fast enough in search results and can drive more traffic to your blog site, but many beginning bloggers do not know different places free blogs pinger offer a service ping other blog directories and search engines so I decided to write this post about the best list of issuer blogs ultrasound free websites While you can ping your blog site as soon as new messages published the blog or update your blog or website

Ping My Blog Search Engines Google, Yahoo, Bing and Blog Directories

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To ping your blog on Google and several blog directories that simply enter the URL of your blog and select search engines and blog directories where you want to ping and notify them to visit and explore your blog while some blog service automatically ping languish to your blog for all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing so for this, I have compiled a list of the best free blogs languish sites that can be used to ping your posts blog

Ping Your Blog Engines and Blog Directories search

1 http://www.googleping.com
2 http://www.pingomatic.com
3 http://www.auto-ping.com
4 http://www.blogpingtool.com
5 http://www.pingler.com
6 http://www.pingfarm.com
7 http://www.pingmyblog.com
8 http://www.totalping.com
9 http://www.pingmyurl.com
10 http://www.autopinger.com

So after pinging your blog to all blog above ping sites then your blog will be crawled and indexed quickly and this will also solve the problem of slow indexing your blog, but do not think having to go to all the sites above ping only 1 or 2 sites like googleping and pingomatic will because these free blog ping services are well known, I hope not now wonder how ping my blog Google! true?

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If you like this post on how to ping my blog from Google so please share and do not forget to subscribe for more tips and tricks blog! Keep Blogging

30 + Free Lists of Ping Submission Sites 2016 Quick Indexing

30 + Free Lists of Ping Submission Sites 2016 Quick Indexing

If you are looking for the list of ping 2015 submission sites, then you have landed on the best page in this post, I will share a list of the best submission sites free ping where you can submit your blog request pinging for that the search engines know that you have a blog and have updated your blog so they will visit your blog and new blogs index or update their index of all changes made to your blog, the blog pinger sites are very important if they face the issue with a low rate of indexing your new blog posts.

100+ Best Websites List SEO For Web 2.0 In 2016

Many bloggers starting usually ask this question very often that my blog is not indexed quickly search results engine and it takes a long time to see your blog posts in Google or other search engines results thus using ping sites this free presentation of lists that do not have to deal with this problem and other search engines Google or soon will be notified and will crawl and index your blog posts so be used for any blogger face this problem, therefore, in this post I will share the list of top submission sites ping with you so that you can ping easily blog posts for all search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing and all the blog directories.

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So friends are 30 + free list Ping submission sites 2015, so if you are in a low rate of your blog posts indexing then I recommend to ping your blog only Pinging sites this list for your new blog post results quickly indexing search engines, I know all the other free sites Pinging then let me know through the comments and do not forget to sign up for these impressive lists

Removing / Hide Name Of The Author Of Blogger Posts


Removing / Hide Name Of The Author Of Blogger Posts

If you want to find out how remove the author's name Blogger posts or hide the name of the author and blogger in this post I will show simple tips to remove the name of the author of your Blogger blog. However, it is very naive, but there are many beginning bloggers who do not know this simple trick and think they have to do some coding to remove it, but it's very simple. Why is this important is because many bloggers have added multiple author blog on blogger in which many bloggers. Therefore contributing authors' names will be different.

However, it's no harm in keeping the author's name, but there are always exceptions that a user might want to delete or hide the name of the author of the blogger blog. They either outsource the content and do not want their readers to know about this or any reason. So without wasting time 's, you see the trick now.

Removing / Hide Name of The Author Of Blogger

1) Log in to your blogger dashboard

2) Click on the layout tab then scroll down to the gadget section called Blog posts and click on the edit link which is at the bottom of Blog posts gadget as shown below.

3) Now a pop up window will open simply uncheck the checkbox to hide or remove author name from blogger posts as show below

4) Finally click on the Save button at the botton! That’s it

This trick will only hide the author name from your blogger posts but it will not remove it completely from blogger template So when you change your mind and again what to show author name in your blog posts then simply recheck the box again and it will show the author name on your blog.

But for those who want to permanently remove author name from blogger template below are the steps to do

How To Remove Author Name From Blogger Template

To remove  / hide author name from blogger template permanently simply follow the below mentioned steps

1) Click on Template in your blogger dashboard

2) Then click on Edit HTML

3) Now expand your blogger template code by clicking on the small arrow icons on the left

4) Press CTRL + F to find the code <data:post.author/> and delete it

5) Save your blogger template! and now the author name has been removed from blogger template permanently

So this was the way friends remove / hide the name of the author of blogger posts and if you like this trick, please share with other bloggers who do not know how to hide the name of the author the blogger also, do not forget subscribe for more tips and tricks Blogger! Keep Blogging

How Fast Index Backlinks In Google


How Fast Index Backlinks In Google

If you want to know how backlinks rapid rate of Google or how to get links fast reverse indexed by Google and in this post I will share the best tips and tricks to ensure that all backlinks are crawled and indexed quickly by Google. Get your indexed by Google fast reverse is very important because more backlinks Google will crawl and index is better and you will be able to improve Google ranking of your blog or website easily.However many beginning bloggers and website owners usually confused and frustrated if your backlinks are not indexed by Google and start looking for the reason. And this is the main reason why I write this post to erase all this for you.

Recently I was reading a forum internet marketing and find a blogger ask questions like how long it takes to get indexed backlinks or how long for Google backlinks index and such problems play an important role for any LinkBuilder or if you are working on a client side to improve their ranking google.

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This makes it very important, especially if you are trying to rank sites niche or not linkbuilding for niche sites that want to rank for a keyword in Google quickly is very important to get your fast reverse indexed by google and other search engines. So in this post I will share the tips and suggestions work for fast index in google backlinks

How To Get Incoming Links Indexed By Google Fast

Before I tell you how to index backlinks fast google let me tell you it is not necessary that Google indexes all your backlinks 100% and this is the point that many beginning bloggers and Internet marketers do not know they think that if they go to build 100 backlinks then all backlinks will be indexed by Google and want for faster indexing But in reality, Google will not index your entire setback if they feel that they are valued fairly and are sites of low quality.

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Google indexes only backlinks they feel they are authentic and of high authority sites So if you plan to build hundreds of websites spam links that link to your blog or website so I am sorry to say that Google's indexing backlinks and most likely get Google penalty.

Therefore, in order to avoid fresh Google should not create low quality links to your website or blog actually site, focusing on developing backlinks high quality and if you do, then you need not worry how long it takes to get indexed inbound links or backward time for Google index recoil will automatically track and indexed quickly by Google, because they are high quality and places of relavent authority.

No need to create backlinks that Google not index Why? Simple Google do not think these backlinks are valuable and important enough to crawl and index in their search results, so if you also build backlinks of poor quality, then stop wasting your time instead of focusing on building quality backlinks. Remember that no matter the quantity, but the quality does not matter to Google now and always will be.

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Tips and tricks for fast indexing links setback in Google
These are 100% better ways and work through which you can index your quick setback in Google

1) Fetch As Google Bot - The first and most effective trick to get your super fast indexed in Google backlinks is to use extraction Google as service robot Google in Webmaster Tools Google, but you can only choose if you own the property, which means that the site and the blog are the links you want Google to crawl and indexed. And it works like a charm every time I face a problem concerning indexing that usually use Fetch as Google bot and the results are amazing to me.

2) Ping Urls - For rapid rate its decline in google, can use services like ping pingomatic. Just create a list of URL and send it by pingomatic. What this does is it tells Google and other search engines have updated their messages is also very effective to inform Google backlinks you have created. When every time I find my backlinks are not scanned and indexed by Google pingomatic and usually use my URL indexed within minutes.

3) Social Bookmarking - Social bookmarking is another way Google indexed quickly in reverse. Just enter the URL and sharing sites popular social bookmarking like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon and ready to go out, because Google crawls these great authority site frequently and index your report recently created by the links reverse any other technique.

4) Social Networking Sites - social networking sites are the best way to get your backlinks indexed by Google quickly, especially if you share your URLs for Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Pinterest. Because these are social networking sites and Google crawls and loves these websites frequently than all other sites on the Internet. One thing I would like to share is the proportion of URLs backlink to your Google profile and more because your chances of getting your indexed receding dramatically increase google occurs. I have personally used and seen very fast results most of the time.

5): 2 Links Tier - Most of you must have heard of backlinks level 2, but for those who do not know what is 2 levels back let me say that 2 inbound links are links at the level of the first level . So how does this help index your backlinks in google, is simple enough to create links to your reverse and this will increase the power of your first level to build backlinks and Google will quickly analyze these links and index.

6) Web 2.0 - Web 2.0 are sites like Blogger, WordPress, Squidoo, HubPages, etc. and if you want the backlinks indexed in Google quickly, then you can simply create 100 item the word and building links to your retreat and this is a good trick that works 100% of the time because Google loves these sites and sharing sites are most popular content that is indexed backlinks in a short time.

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So friends this was backlinks indexed quickly on Google. If you like this post please share and do not forget to subscribe. Please also share some of her things and tell us as an index of recoil would learn from you as well and this will also help my readers and what we now know how to get your backlinks indexed fast to go create backlinks Google high quality and increase your website or blog ranking in Google!

350+ High PR Dofollow List of .edu and .gov Websites SEO Feature To Analyze 2016

350+ High PR Dofollow List of .edu and .gov Websites SEO Feature To Analyze 2016

If you are looking for a great PR dofollow websites edu and gov backlinks list then you have landed in the best position because then I'll share the exclusive list of .gov and .edu sites free dofollow backlinks increase your web site or blog SEO Google. Google as edu gov and sites backlinks, as they are non-profit and most reliable sites on the internet so if you manage to get edu backlinks and websites then gov your website or blog ranking will definitely increase in google and other search engines quickly.

If you are able to get 10 incoming links from various sources, but managed to get only one to two inbound links from .edu and .gov web sites Dofollow then these backlinks is very beneficial for SEO your blog or website and can significantly increase your google ranking in no time what so ever. Many bloggers starting often ask questions like

how to find edu and gov sites referring
.gov and .edu how to find sites backlink
List of websites and edu gov
edu and gov backlinks Free Dofollow

So to help bloggers grass, I respected this list of edu and gov backlinks dofollow SEO websites you can use to create links to your website and blog for SEO and increase SERP rankings. However, in my next post, I will share how to get edu gov backlinks and free unlimited.

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Ping sites For WordPress Blog Post Fast Page 2016 Index / Google Search

Adding or Upgrading WordPress Ping List Yoaur WordPress Blog

To add or update your wordpress ping list just go to Settings, then click the desktop option Edge wordpress

Just copy and paste the above sites in shaping updated content areas and click the Save Changes button below and you're good to go

Now that you've updated your wordpress ping list which now find your blog and pages indexed in Google quickly and easily in minutes and does not need any third party site visit to ping your new message URL manually. This trick will work for you and you can just go to create another blog without having to wait in my blog is landing the Google search results.

Update WordPress Ping List 2016


Over To You

So friends was the best ping list wordpress in 2016 and although there are many other sites ping but we have listed and need not first have hundreds of different sites ping only drive on their list of the best sites you will do the job. If you like these listed websites Pining Please share and do not forget to subscribe for more of these wordpress advice because this will document all the challenges that any novice user will face wordpress and I'm sure if you just started your blog WordPress, then you can not afford to lose this post! good blogs
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