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Six Important Rules For SEO Optimization

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Six Important Rules For SEO Optimization

You should understand that there is no magic solution to sort your web site on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo. Search engines are governed by complex algorithms used to determine which pages to include in its index and the order they are listed in these search results pages.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an important both to increase the number and quality of visitors to your web site element. It should be a regular part of your marketing efforts.

Here, experts offer six tips on how to use SEO to optimize your investment in content marketing.
Six Important Rules For SEO Optimization

1. The Intention is Everything.

More exact keyword needs to provide relevant search results, says Cyrus Shepard, development manager Moz audience. "In ancient times, it was about to get the click search engines are now seeing how people interact with your website. Do they become and click on the results, or find the answers they are looking for when they are on your site? Today it is the post-click activity. Do not just get clicks, but must be met for users. "

2. The keywords are not the be-all and end-all

Including keywords in the titles is less and less important, says Shepard. "Google has gotten better over the interpretation of meaning. It used to be that if you wanted to rank for the best restaurants," he had to say three or four times the best restaurants. It is always useful to mention the best restaurants "but the semantic meaning becomes much more important. Now simply can speak of great dining experiences, and search engines will pick up on it."

Adds Laetsch: "Historically, we wanted to get a keyword in the text or in the description of the goal Now that's all gone out the window as engines smarter search, begin to think of other words that are expected.. they are in this article, indicating that it is an article of authority over him. If you wrote an article on the watch Apple, you may have the words' 'iPhone' Apple 'watch' 'Applications' and 'weather'. If they are in the text, it sends signals to the search engines that this is a very good article. "
Seventy-five percent of search queries are three to five words long, so you should write headlines accordingly, he added. "Search engines are trying to find if people are looking for the word" marketing ", or any request from one or two words, they do not get the results they want. For quality results that are more likely to answer your question , they have to go to three requests for four or five words. as content creators, when you are considering optimization, you have to think about it. "

3. Focus on the user experience.

Therefore, the original content is more important than ever, said Rhea Drysdale, CEO of Franco Media Inc., a consulting firm based in Troy SEO N.Y. ..,. "The more original content that can produce either a photo or video, or the content of the long form, nothing can be put together that will justify someone who wants to read or share better."
While items with a list format "top five" are often clickable, Drysdale suggested to use sparingly. "People like things that can digest quickly, but does not have much weight with the search," he said. "You should make sure that everything that comes after the number sense and is useful."
Create an editorial calendar to attract the interest of their clients, Laetsch said. "This is the most important thing a buyer can do for SEO in 2016. Its content must be original and targeted to your audience. If you select content, take a section of another article or site and give them all the credit and add an assignment, but a paragraph or two in your own voice, "is why I think it's important journalist adds voice and make it his own.".

4. Size Matters.

Longer articles, between 1200 and 1500 words in the search to improve on average Laetsch said. "It's very different from what he was there two or three years, when 300 words was a page long. Longer articles get more traffic and are high-level SEO, especially for competitive conditions. The changes that Google displays, and why these changes are made is to ensure that traffic is sent to the pages that delight human beings. "he suggests breaking the long-form content with subtitles, bullets and images through the copy to make it easy for readers to scan and digest quickly.

longer articles are better in search results, as it is only words and images to rank on the page, Shepard said. "People share longer articles in more social networks, and the links between them and mention the most. Shorter articles do well at times, but on average, longer articles tend to get better results."

5. Optimize For Mobile.

More people read the news on their smartphones, so it is important to ensure that its contents can be searched, said Derek Edmond, managing social media strategies partner and director of SEO and KoMarketing Associates, B-to-B marketing Boston-based SEO consulting the media. "To ensure that Google can understand the content found in a mobile application, and taking advantage of the marketing application in relation to SEO, it is an opportunity on the consumer side and B-to-B marketing."

6. Optimize Image Files

Among the more than 200 factors Google is taken into account for the classification of load times is one of them. If a page takes too long to load because large images affect the classification and visits.

The average person waits three seconds for a website to load on the desktop and 5 seconds to phones. If a web page takes longer to load than that, the visitor is lost and the bounce rate will also increase.

The Best Practice is to Resize, Rename and Describe.

When Google knows more about the content of the image, it can be included in the image search (click on the top tab page image search Google) and, sometimes, the best images show the same right to the head the regular search page. It not only helps people find their photos directly but also helps Google understand the content of the page that published the photo in helping this page appear in regular search results in the subject.

SEO Optimize your Images and Improve the Performance of a limo Website.

To achieve the goal of being found and succeed in marketing limousine, he must capture the attention of people who rely on biological research and apply at least the following basic rules of SEO. If your agency or current consultant does not follow these rules, well, now we know why your prospects are 0.

DriveProfit specializes in helping companies get their sites limousine to rank well in search engines and generate more traffic, leads and sales by adopting a complete, thorough and comprehensive research optimization limousine.

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