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Free On Page SEO Optimization Techniques 2016

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Free On Page SEO Optimization Techniques 2016

Free On Page SEO Optimization Techniques 2016

If you are searching for On page SEO checklist, techniques and factors 2016, then read the best articles on page SEO 2016 techniques, on page factors of SEO 2016, but for starters let me say should not be confused with technical and on page SEO are completely different entities will talk about another job, but this post will share the best of optimization techniques page 2016 to be applied to blog posts and pages to make your messages more SEO friendly site and blog pages

However, most of the factor ranking of Google in 2016 is dedicated to the technical page SEO factors like the ability to make your site complete blogs that Google love to be applied both on page SEO and technical turn off page SEO to ensure that all aspects of search engine optimization is

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This issue their efforts both SEO and off page page SEO and I'm sure your blog site will climb the stairs of Google and beat their competitors in the canyon So in this post I will share better page SEO tips, technical factors and therefore no time diving amount of waste going directly to the blog topic

Optimization techniques on page SEO factors and Checklist 2016
So let's break each section and we will see each of them one by one, because it is my favorite subject and mind that this post will be long for you and get full advice on page SEO and want to do this post as detailed as possible and this will be the best SEO tips for beginners

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What is SEO Page Optimization

On page SEO is the optimization technique search engine you are applying for your blog or site posts and pages and is one of the most important factors Google ranking and the ranking potential of your blog or website is highly dependent on optimization techniques SEO page, and if you can improve that particular skill so I bet it will dominate the results of search engines

So now that you know exactly what is on page SEO Now let first let's see the control and detailed explanation for each list

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Free On Page SEO Optimization Techniques 2016

1) Title Tag - You must ensure that you have your main keywords in your title tags that Google gives older weight in terms of SEO and title tag is one of the most important, including places Google is seen during the exploration of its web pages and rank them so put your main keywords in title tags also try to place keywords for the title at the beginning and end of their title

2) Description Meta Tags - Meta tags are very important, as it tells the search engines what your website is about and can give the meta description to your mail or pages that also appear in search results and therefore sure to write meta tags which gives an idea of ​​what your blog is all about
3) Keywords - do not forget to use keywords throughout your content to get a better ranking literally tried it before, I was not using my targeted keywords in my articles as a beginner, but then when I started using the game was different and I was getting a good ranking, therefore, try to use keywords in the beginning, the end and sprinkle little time between its content

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4) Title Tags - Make good use of header tags such as H1, H2, etc. to make your article more SEO friendly H1 Do not use more than once and is mainly used for the title of the blog post or pages that H2 tags are used for subtitle and lower sections

5) Alt Tags - Add suitable for your images as a search engine alt tags do not recognize what the image is about and use the keyword corresponding to the search engines rich and descriptive alt tags know exactly what your photos everything in you could drive a lot of traffic through image search if the images are optimized correctly
6) URL or Permalink Structure - Try to keep your SEO friendly URLs blog and short and according to Google the best technique is to keep the words below 4 and a tip is to try to avoid using empty words in your URL because the search engines ignore stop words such as SEO
In addition, you must have keywords in the URL of your article that SEO benefit joined and try to keep it short and SEO friendly URL to make it look legitimate, but are not just URLs things keyword and make it look spam that is not good, and Google will not give you a better ranking in the search engines and will be lost in one of the critics of Google ranking factors 2016
7) Interlinking Post and Pages - Ensure that messages interconnection and relevant pages in blogs together and this will pass the value of links to other pages that might be not performing or high ranking in search results and by the interconnection of new messages or pages of the old post and pages help boost rankings and SEO is the most powerful optimization technique you have to do on a regular basis

8) Total Word Count - Longer articles tend to get good positions in search engines compared with short articles So try to write useful quality, time and content, and ensure that its minimum write 500 words more items will be much better so do not hurry to publish your blog posts instead take some time to do some research on the subject and when you have enough information on this subject then surely easily cross mark 500 words

9) Rich Media Content- rich multimedia content means that their products have images and relevant videos that improves the user experience for details about the years of the post you know that the picture speaks a thousand words so you must use the least one picture on your blog

In addition, whenever possible, use relevant videos and this will greatly reduce the bounce rate and will certainly increase the time your visitors on your site
10) Original Content - Google simply hates duplicate content and simply penalize the site for having duplicate content therefore never copy and paste articles from other resources that Google is smart enough to identify what is original and which are discarded in other places

11) Outgoing Links - Outgoing Links is said that the internal link is good for SEO, but the outbound links are also very important and Google is more concerned about giving users the best possible information is said, so feel free to connect the main authority sites in your niche, but if you are unsure of authority to force your site, you can also make outbound links as no monitoring, but if the website high quality, then you understand the links
12) Writing Quality - writing high quality content and avoid any grammar and spelling So after the end of your blog, be sure to go through it to be free of grammar or spelling, imagine Only if there are numbers of grammar and spelling errors for your readers think of you so be sure to read their blogs and articles thoroughly before hitting the publish button

13) Broken Links - Ensure that when linked together to your messages and blog pages that link URL will not break because it will show 404 error pages for your blog readers and Google does not like that so before it joins all blog posts or pages check the URL is correct or not

14) Bullets and Numbering - Make use of bullets and numbered lists to highlight important points in your articles and this will greatly improve their Blog visitors reading experience so that when the message list or list to ensure you type used bullets and numbered list

15) Anchor Tags - This is one of the top most important SEO every time you reach one of its proper anchor text use the blog more to link not link the word unrelated to the phrase that does not affect SEO point of view as for example, if you are a link to a blog Blogging tips for beginners and use of "how to build backlinks for bloggers keyword phrase to link will not increase its position in any way

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So now you know all the most important on page SEO and the list of technical and 2016 if all the above factors in the ranking of optimization techniques and page SEO is still so I'm sure you can increase your blog ranking in Google and other search engines

View friends do not know exactly classification algorithms of Google, but these are the best SEO practices that are recommended and tested by experts in SEO and I think all these optimization techniques SEO will make your articles and the friendliest content SEO

So friends did everything possible to make this article as complete as possible and I will continue to update this post as soon as I get more information and I hope you liked my page checklist of SEO, technical factors and classification 2016 , If so do not forget to share and ask me questions and requests through the comments and I'll be willing to discuss this and last but not least, do not forget to sign up for more tips and SEO tricks

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