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SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2016 Most Bloggers Make

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SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2016 Most Bloggers Make

SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2016 Most Bloggers Make

Do you know the most common SEO mistakes to avoid in 2016 most bloggers do if not in this post I will share major mistakes SEO Most bloggers do and how to avoid them, what is known as SEO's search engines is very important if you want a blog or website to rank well in search results without optimization SEO right, you will find it difficult to sort your messages or pages in Google, Yahoo, Bing blog and other search engines 

This is were SEO companies are making a fortune and a lot of money are taken to optimize client websites, When I started blogging I did not know much about page SEO and SEO techniques and outside technical page SEO, but now know all and are common SEO mistakes most bloggers do now to avoid in 2016 to make your blog more SEO friendly 

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Whether you use WordPress, Blogger or any other CMS following blogs are the most common SEO mistakes most blogger I do so I'm sure you've landed on this page that you know that there are SEO techniques that are doing not'm and have to avoid here, I will share the major mistakes of SEO and how to prevent your blog rank higher in the SERP and get more organic traffic .

Common SEO Mistakes The Most bloggers earn avoided In 2016

1) Keyword Research - I think this is the most common mistakes that most beginners bloggers do and you just start a blog on the subject they like and what is the biggest mistake that should be avoided in 2016 to do the keyword research is as if you were entering the market and do not know what market demand

You cannot assume that what you want and what you are interested in others it will be so interested in that particular topic and most of the time you will find that you have written a 1,000 blog entries and find you are not getting traffic what? Because you choose the wrong keywords and there are very few people who are looking at this particular issue, which is the proper keyword research are very important

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It gives you ideas of what people are really looking for and I'm also doing my first day and just used to collect the title and start working on it without knowing that people really interested in the topic I write

You can use the planning tool free Google keyword for search volume of keywords in particular,

2) Keyword Stuffing - I think the bloggers most beginners make this mistake and think more key words I use in my blog else will sort, but end up in keyword stuffing Leave -moi to say one thing that the way in which the robots Google search if you do know that stuffing keywords in your posts or blog pages

Let's say you write a blog about "How to lose weight", then when the search bots come to your blog to see how to lose phrase weight once, then twice, then three times and get the idea that their blog is about how to lose weight, but when you overdo it and repeat exactly the same phrase "how to lose weight" 10 times in his article of 100 words, then this is the time when robots search come to know that you He made the keyword stuffing and this is the most common SEO mistakes are more bloggers

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Lunches - Never fill keywords and use the keywords in the most important position that will discuss below and you'll be fine, keyword stuffing is not necessary to make your blog to resemble article more useful in this topic particular

3) Do not use keywords in the right places - To make your blog more SEO friendly keywords to use in
    Meta title tags
    H1 and H2 Tags
    Image Alt Tags
    Beginning of  your article
    3 to 4 times the time in the body of article
    Ending paragraph of your blog

This is by far the most common mistakes that most bloggers are not using your keywords in places where they are needed and used all other places
Lunches - use keywords in the above places and see improvements in your positioning in search engines

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4) Duplicate Content - What are the biggest SEO mistakes to avoid in 2015 that Google has become strict and penalize websites that are dedicated to the issue of duplicate content, but the way back, there was times where you can go out by copying other content, but in 2015 will not survive for long and eventually Google will penalize their blogs or websites or even completely ban their web site from the results of search engines

Why SEO Mistakes Most bloggers do it because they are lazy single term and do not want to sit for 2 hours and write your blog posts and who choose to take shortcuts so you just copy and paste articles of great popular blogs and you stick them in your blog, but Google is smarter than you and that 9 out of 10 times they will penalize your or algorithms might catch or the owner of the copyright has a DMCA complaint against you, for n 'no no shortcut to become a hero blogs

5) Meta Keywords: Are you still using the meta keywords on your blog or website and then stop using it because Google does not give importance to meta keywords and will have no effect on you ranking of blogs of Google, as many spammers use these keywords meta tags to optimize your blog for relevant keywords and manipulate the ranking of search engine Google so do not take meta keywords as a rating factor at all

6) Image Alt Tags - This is still bloggers SEO make mistakes and do not use alt tags to images they do is simply enter the picture on your blog posts and leaving this way, but I know that search engines do not can read and recognize what the image is and use alt tags of images will make them understand what to do with their image

You must be knowing that there are many people who do research and images so that your pictures are coming on the results of the image using appropriate for your images alt tags and, in doing so, you will drive more traffic to your blog or site

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7) Thin Content - "Content is king" I'm sure you must have heard this phrase many times and is very famous too, but that does not mean you have to show the fines content in your blog or web site and Google likes items of fine and low quality and many bloggers make this mistake, they think that the amount of quality, but the reality is exactly the opposite now Google prefers quality over quantity, no matter if you only have 30 blog posts your blog, but if you are looking for and are high quality, so you will get a lot of traffic and a better ranking in search results
Many novice bloggers are always in a hurry to hit the Publish button and are part of the job, but what is the point of having 100 blog entries on his blog that occupies on page 10 of Google and no sense wasting time and energy

8) Blog Promotion - writing blog regularly is good, but if you are not promoting your blog correctly, then you are an impediment to the performance blog in terms of traffic and attract new readers to your blog

I know when I interviewed the blogger Sue Anne Darling Top of successfulblogging.com I said that I spend less time writing blog posts compared to the promotion and wise thing to do

As publishing your blog could get organic traffic to your blog entries, but other sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. which are the major source of referral traffic your blog or website and you need to promote your blog posts out there as soon as the publish button is pressed so that your blog followers will come to know that you have new content for reading and this will greatly increase your traffic and also get your more action and love is another important factor ranking Google

You can also send an email to other bloggers instead has a new article on your blog and chances are they'll love and share your blog posts on their networks could link to your blog
Take - Start promoting your blog on various social media sites after publication

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9) Restrict Search Crawlers - These remain the biggest SEO mistakes to avoid most bloggers are still Cutts companions said this in his video that you can see below if you do not allow your blog to be crawled by robots search, so how will be indexed first of his blog

You can check the robots.txt file to ensure that Google's crawlers are able to access your blog site correctly or can also use Google Webmaster Tools, as the appearance of robot google google to see if robots can recover your blog if not, then that means that you limit the search bots to access your blog
Lunches - Make sure your blog is accessible and not blocked by search robots

10 ) Too Many Backlinks - pointing to your blog or website is a need for better ranking in search engines, but backlinks building unnatural speed could raise a red flag in the Google eyes and think that you are using paid links to build backlinks to your blog so that by doing this, it is very likely to be punishable by Google

Just think that if you have started blogs there are 2 months and your blog is to have 1,000 backlinks pointing, seems unnaturally forget Google, although everyone can get to know if you are paid links or using techniques SEO hat black to build backlinks
Take - build backlinks high quality for your blog, but make sure it looks natural

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11) Anchor Tags - These are the biggest SEO mistakes to avoid in 2016 and even pro bloggers are falling for this and be penalized by the Penguin update, Bearing more optimized anchor tags to backlinks your blog not it looks natural and get penalized by Google and this new idea that will give you ask people to use a special anchor text to link to your blog

Think of ways that the way it sounds that 9 times out of 10 links to your blog is the same text does not appear to anchor against nature, it seems very unnatural So try to use variations of anchor text pointing to your blog by doing this, you will be safe

Carry - Do not overdo it in the backlinks anchor text and optimized to use different variants of anchor tags, once or twice is fine, but not all the time to maintain good changes and this will make your retreat profile natural air

So friends was above 11 errors common SEO to avoid in 2016 and these are also the biggest mistakes of SEO blogger made so if you do one of the errors search engine optimization above and avoid doing so will increase your rank in the SERP and protect your blog sanctions against Google also do not forget to subscribe and tell other common SEO mistakes to know through the comments that this will help beginners to improve their ranking bloggers blog! Keep blogging

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