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Long Tail Keywords Vs Short Tail Keywords for SEO

Long Tail Keywords Vs Short Tail Keywords for SEO

It has been a long debate between the long tail compared with keywords short tail and many still think this is the best for SEO and traffic So in this post I will talk about the long tail keywords Vs short words -clés tail, which is better for SEO and in terms of traffic.

Many novice bloggers do not know which one to choose if they wish short tail on the tail keyword long or long line at the key shot Keywords tail, but we must have a better understanding of this particular issue, especially if you are new to the blogs and blog or website has just begun.

keyword research is one of the most important SEO factors that determines where the blog entries will be located in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines and saw that many bloggers starting in error is only think about it and start to write blog posts and tell friends that this is not the ideal solution, you should do your keyword research before writing a word correctly for your article.

I also saw bloggers and webmaster who simply choose the keyword that receives the most traffic and this remains a big mistake that these SEO keywords that receive traffic Hugh are very competitive and are mainly dominated by the superior authority and blogs are so high what is the best way and we will discuss in this blog.

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Long Tail Vs Short Tail Keywords For SEO

1) short-tailed keywords are also known under the head or generic keywords which consist of 1 or 2 words, while the long tail keyword or phrase words and consist of more than three to four words: Keywords.

2) keywords short-tailed get much Hugo traffic from organic searches, but as I said before, it is very difficult to rank for keywords short tail, as competition is very tough and big blogs and websites have more odds of getting on the first page of google.

3) long tail keywords get less traffic compared with short-tailed keywords, but the traffic you get is very specific and often becomes the application clearly defines the real need for visitors.

For example, a visitor entering short tail keyword "mobile phones" may be interested in obtaining knowledge and information on mobile phones, while a type of visitor "Samsung S2 Galaxy Note" will be more likely to continue and buy the product.

So this is long tail keywords are very useful with conversion rates relative to short tail keywords.

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4) According to research and many professional bloggers like Neil Patel, Yoast, Brian Dean also recommends focusing more on keywords long tail that the results that can be obtained will be very good then the image is displayed will be clearly it will give you an idea of ​​how long tail keywords are defined.

5) key local companies long tail keywords is the key to success, because lets say you are running the company in Texas on digital marketing, then it would be very difficult to qualify for that short keywords Tail "digital marketing" and will not be competition makes local competitors who will be competing against all digital marketing companies worldwide who are trying to rank for key word short tail "digital marketing".

6) But if you go refine this term and take the long tail keyword more specific keywords such as "digital marketing company in Texas," then your competition will reduce considerably and you will have the best opportunity to rank on the first page google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines as the conversion rates will be much as the traffic you get will be very specific and will be looking for digital marketing services in Texas.

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So if you have a local business, then just optimize your website or blog business for local search queries to get more customers and sales.

As you can see the difference between the long queue in front of keywords short queue for SEO, I recommend you focus and tail longer target keywords compared to the short tail keywords, especially if it comes to start your business online or you are a novice blogger, I would like to talk about this and if you want to share you views you can through the comments! Do not forget to share and subscribe to more such tips and tricks SEO.

How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners Tips and Tricks


How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners Tips and Tricks

Well this question has been asked on several occasions, especially for beginners how to make money blogging especially if you have just started blogging with the new blog or even pro bloggers even if they earn good money by blogging and are also curious to know what which are other ways to make money with blogs because everyone, no matter what profession you always want to increase website revenue.

Making money online may not be so easy and yes to make money online, you have to work hard and find the best way to make money online, there are many through ways you can make money online, but with far the best and most profitable online business is to make money with a blog

Many people jump on blogs, whether motivated by consulting other pro bloggers report monthly income or just by reading great articles that says "Earn $ 1000 a month with a blog"

Remember to make money from blogging is difficult in the initial phase, but after a while regular blogs and learn different tricks and tips blogs easily know how to make money from blogging.

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How to Make Money Blogging Free2016

Now let's get into main purpose of this post how to make money blogging for beginners Well first and foremost to make money blogging, you need to start a blog here are some tips on creating a successful blog that It gives you an idea on how to start blogging

Here are some basic and important tips for beginners

1) Pick Right Niche For Blogging-  this it is very important because it starts from a great theme for your blog, select / niche topic you know a lot about blogs and can maintain and for years

Find a niche that you can write much about because Google loves frequently updated blogs rather than outdated Try to write the blog quality articles and messages do basic SEO your blog blogs

2) Blogging platform- -you can literally start a blog with Blogger, but I recommend you go to self hosted WordPress blogs because with the self hosted WordPress blog, you have more control than using a free service as blogger then a post will show who is the best blogging platforms.

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3) Low Competitive Keywords- Choose keywords that do not have numbers Hugo competition in the search engines, long it will take to be on the first page of Google, this can be easily accomplished with little words - competitive to find good keywords for your blog you can use Google adwords tool free planner words clés

4) Never Copy Others-  These are big mistakes that beginners make is that they choose the subject of another person because they think if they earn $ 1000 / month, so I'm going to earn the same amount, but that is completely wrong, they're making money because they are experts in this subject is also this question first

5) Write Quality Content-  You must have heard that "content is king" and said so bad, in fact, content is king and if you can write blog content quality, then most likely that will generate more traffic google search because google loves blog with quality content
6) Frequently Updated Blog- a higher ranking in the search engine Google Fair update Blog- A frequently updated blog a blog that is updated rarely in months to try to do at least 1 2 columns per week and stick to a frequency particular station is fine if you do a blog a week is the most important to stick to it.

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7)Learn Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- Write quality blog then it's great, but to get a better ranking in search results on Google, you need to learn some basic SEO techniques that will rank higher Blog in results of the search engine page

8) Promote Affiliate Products- While it is easy to do with google adsense money online, but the real money is in affiliate marketing Why? Using Google AdSense can earn somewhere around 10 to 15 cents per click marketing affiliate average, but you can get great commissions

Now that you have a good idea about how to start blogging and how to blog so the next step, I know you may be curious about how to make money blogging so I'll give you some better advice blogs about how to make money a blog.

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How to make money with a blog for beginners

The best way to make money from blogging is to use Google AdSense especially if you are beginner blogger Most bloggers use Google AdSense to monetize their blogs in the early days, as it is very easy to make money Google adsense

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an advertising program owned by Google CPC is free to use and webmasters or website publishers can earn money by displaying targeted advertising contextual ads on blogs emabrgo

How to use Google Adsense to make money with a blog?

should not be a programmer to put Google ads aSENSE on your blog or website Its simple website Google will give some JavaScript once your AdSense account to get approved by the AdSense team

Then just copy and paste Google Adsense code where you want ads to display Here's a great blog post previously wrote here in Nice Blogger tips to help you put AdSense ads on your blog the best seats
The best ways to make money blogging.

How To Make Google Plus For Free Traffic 

Well, there are several ways to make money with a blog, but as a beginner to first base, at least 6 months post because you may have to learn many new things in blogs, first, you need to focus in blog content quality of construction and monetize with Google Adsense like most beginners bloggers do in the early days

Yes Later, when your blog grows and gets good amount of traffic and subscribers, then you can give a try following advanced techniques mentioned

1) Affiliate Marketing
2) Sponsored Post
3) Blog Consulting Service
4) SEO Service
5) Selling Products
6) Featured Posts
7) Product Reviews

I will explain each of the above methods to make money by blogging in many details in a few days to return 

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How long it takes to make money blogging

You may think how long it takes to make money by blogging then there are some blogs that have an average of at least 1 year of making decent money online by blogging, but I have seen some blogs that earn handsome money within 6 months, but that you also have to work hard continually making quality blog posts that are useful to your readers

Some of you may have blog or some might be planning to create a blog because your income potential to create a blog is very easy to keep up and I'll post a message about how to start a blog wordpress
Can I really make money blogging

Believe me that making money online is not easy as you might think, not so difficult that it is impossible to make money online by blogging reality is that yes, you can make money blogging but this will take time, if you think or feel that blogs are going to make me rich overnight, then you are absolutely wrong and not even think to create a blog

Blogging has changed the lives of many people like Darren Rowse of Problogger.net, Daniel Scocco of DailyBlog tips.com, Amit Agarwal of lagnol.org and many other bloggers in India Pakistan UK and US to join this list earn 4-6 figure incomes per month, but to achieve this a kick in the ass is needed and I have to be more serious about blogging to take blogging as a business, because unless and until blogs take no gravity, then it will not give one hundred percent

You must be dedicated to their blogs strategies plans as they want to do with this blog and put goal at this point because an objective without delay is not an objective always so set a deadline for the task as it requires taking more steps to achieve its goal of making money blogging

Although there are other factors that determine potential for example your blog, get a blog on how to lose weight has more potential after winning a blog about making money online with blogs because readers who will read the blog how to lose weight are not tech-savvy and do not know much about the google ads or affiliate marketing chances are you can get sales or clicks ads with little effort

However, other visitors unwanted how to make money by blogging blog are aware of Google ads and affiliate marketing chances are that unless you click on your ads or buy products that are also found in the same area games online Internet marketing This is an important factor that decides the time it takes to make money blogging

Many webmasters create websites micro niches to make money online niche sites Micro are mini-sites that are more specific niche compared to blogs authority are wide range of topics and categories For more information on Micro niche website read below article

However, there are other factors at the time that your blog will start earning, I have seen many blogs that no income for the first days obtained is a big mistake not to monetize blogs form Some webmasters think if they have more content on your blog, how can I win the ad, such as google adsense, even with this blog, I made the mistake of not monetizing my blog on the first day

The question "How long does it take to make money blogging" is a broad topic, but the main key success strategies to make money blogging 

1) Maintain blog writing quality content, because "content is king" if you have a good quantity and quality of blog content so you get more search engine Google way traffic and you can get more sales and pillar articles are the best in sales conversion and they are able to rank higher in the search results and generic blog

2) Be patient, it will take some time to see the money rolling into your bank account

3) Never quit and stay motivated for blogs, because at the end of your hard work will pay off

Literally, you can not say the exact time frame of how long it takes to make money blogging or when your blog will make money, but you can expect that if you work hard and constantly continue to learn new things in place, since it has to stay ahead of its competitors and it has to be better than your competitors so for this we must keep learning new things about your daily niche

So friends this was the way to make money blogging for beginners 2015 fast and free and if you really like my money making suggestions, then do not forget to share and subscribe. And last but not least tell me how to make money with your blog and what are the best ways that work for you through the comments section and I want to know! Keep blogs and make a lot of money by blogging

How To Improve Google Ranking For Website / Blog Site SEO 2016


How To Improve Google Rankings For Website / Blog Site SEO 2016
So you're looking for ways to improve Google ranking a website for free or how to increase Google ranking for your website in 2015, so I'll get the best tips and tricks to improve the ranking of Google search for your website, many bloggers starting and webmaster always ask how they can get high rankings in Google and drive a lot of free organic traffic and it is very possible if you do your page and off page SEO properly with content ceux- quality is the cornerstone to boost your website ranking in Google, the search engine Yahoo, Bing.

There are also many aspiring bloggers are frustrated that they are not able to increase their blog or web search ranking site in Google so they end in building backlinks too fast and raises the red flag in the eyes of Google and that could make Google prone to sanctions and there are some smart SEO experts that come with these techniques black hat SEO.

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But if you will increase your Google ranking using a black hat techniques or gray hat so I warn you that Google eventually will catch up and could reach the end of the search results page search engine or completely prohibit its website blog forever.

So I recommend for those who think that these quick shortcuts so do not take this route instead, you can increase legitimately website ranking Google for free in 2015, which is what I will share with you in this article, therefore without losing more time allows you to see the best tips and viable to increase your ranking in Google organic.

How To Increase Website / Blog Ranking For Google Free and Fast 2016 SEO Tips and Tricks

1) On Page SEO - To improve Google rankings for your website, you can not ignore the page SEO, as it plays a vital role in deciding where your messages or blog pages will be located in Google paper, many starting bloggers do not realize the importance of this and they just do not care for it and the end result is not obtained
On page SEO is an optimization technique in which to optimize your web pages or post to the site and is based on page page level not to be confused with the site and the page that are different on the site is applicable for the entire website, while the page is only for this particular page
So be sure to use keywords in the most important and prominent places on the page

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2) Backlinks - Pozo recoil is considered one of the ranking factors Google and stronger you can ask any professional blogger on the importance of backlinks in improving its position in the blog site Google quickly, but this not mean you should go now and build tons of backlinks to your website to increase your ranking that Google does not take into account any setback too, if you are a novice blogger so I'll give a brief will info about links recoil 2 types of backlinks dofollow backlinks and there are no other tracking backlinks
No follow inbound links pass through the value of links to the site when no target tracking does not exceed the links to target the site, but you need to make a good balance between your do follow and no recoil follow so that Google seems natural and is where the websites of many owners make this mistake, focus on building not follow the backlinks that could raise some concerns regarding its strategy of creating link in the eyes of Google to try to ensure that have a good mix of the two types of links

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3) Anchor Text - Anchor text is the text that is a hyperlink that when clicked redirects the user to the link destination target, so basically if you want to rank for the keyword "blogging tips for beginners," then , anchor text that will be "blogging tips for beginners" which is an exact match keyword, but many spammers used this technique to the extreme, so the update Google penguin penalized many websites that were using the text more optimized anchor had mostly
So if you want to improve your rankings in Google and be sure to include a keyword variation anchor text that will look natural and that is the best practice from now and that will certainly increase your website ranking google safely
4) Quality Content - Oh, my God, this term is everywhere why? because it is important that simple, there is nothing more important than having quality content on your site that can offer more bonds, shares, likes, comments and these are the essential ingredients to improve the ranking of your website on Google, without quality content no matter how many backlinks to build is not going to help much
In fact, it is more likely to be punished by Google, because Google thinks that there is nothing in his article that deserves many backlinks and contained almost thin So try to write content always good quality for your site Web

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5) Be The Best - I can tell you that I can not leave when I read the amazing and useful blog on other blogs, whether large or small blog sites as long as I get the information which is useful for me usually shared in social networks or link to them, the boys quite natural, therefore, try to post the best content for a particular keyword and see the magic, you will be surprised that you automatically win the backlinks and good positions in search engines
Friends know it is very difficult, especially if you do not have all the resources in hand, but at least you can give your 100% and after that there is nothing to fear
6) Post Regularly - Google loves fresh content, so try to make your blog regularly this will not only improve the ranking of Google for the website, but will bring more readers to your blog, so l saw that many bloggers who start complain that their blog rampant rate is very slow and other search engines Google and are not often trace their websites to solve this problem, you must publish new articles regularly charges

The Best Way To Create Backlinks High Quality Free SEO Quick

7) Interlinking - If you think only backlinks helps improve the website, so let me tell you that the interconnection of your blog with the other can significantly improve your website ranking in search results and there are many owners websites that do not think that internal links in SEO penalty
But I'll give you a little information that internal linking contributes to your blog indexed and give momentum in the ranking of search engines, so always connect your last message to other items and vice versa, but make sure they are relevant to the issue, also try to link their senior positions with the positions of lower rank
8) Off Page SEO - Like on page SEO off page SEO optimization is also very important that includes backlinks, social bookmarks, social bookmarking, guest posting, blog commenting, forum participation etc. All these are included in SEO off page, so basically if you want to increase your google ranking quickly, then you should do both off page and on page optimization SEO correctly
9) Keyword Research - Well, this is again one of the most important steps you need to do to improve its ranking in Google, many bloggers simply do not know how to begin searching for the right word- key can increase your site traffic web and ranking in the organic search results
Lots of owners beginners websites simply skip this step and target a keyword that are appropriate and follow their intuition that I will get more traffic by targeting those keywords, but let me tell you when I started the same mistake I did and now I realize the importance of keyword research usually not what you may think, because it always still do not trust their instincts actually see the real statistics in terms of search volumes
10) Guest Blogging - blogs guests still considered one of the best ways to improve the site's ranking in Google fast However, there was much controversy about recently invited blogs, but if you are in doubt as to whether the guest blogging is always on hand to increase the ranking of your website in 2015, then yes it is still effective if you do guest posting on high authority sites relevant niche
For example, if I want to make a customer so think about making the blog is on niche blogs, but if I do publication guest on "Blog Dog Training" will not help then and this was the reason why blogs host was controversy as spammers have been invited spam blogs by making it irrelevant sites to boost its position in google so finding the highest authority few blogs in your niche and make the customer
So friends are some tips and tricks on how to improve the ranking of Google for the web / free blog site in 2015 and I am sure that if all the above guidelines are followed, then surely you can increase your website or classification google blog pretty fast and free, so if you like this post please share with your friends and do not forget to subscribe for more of these tips impressive blogs
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