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How To Find Long Tail Keywords For Google Keyword Tool SEO

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How To Find Long Tail Keywords For Google Keyword Tool SEO

Many beginners are asking this question of how to find long tail keywords for SEO or how to find long tail keywords using the Google keyword they do not know how to find and use effectively all writing blog posts

Long tail keywords are the best way to organize items or content in search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, especially if your blog is fairly new and does not have this authority domain and many inbound links pointing to it.
And the most common SEO mistakes that many bloggers who start do is they do not know the importance of keywords long tail and end up writing blog posts that ends in no man's land So how to solve this problem so that you can get more traffic to your blog or web sites to solve this problem

I have a solution for all beginners and bloggers budding to target long tail keywords So in this post I will share some tips on how to find keywords long tail for SEO and how to put them to work on their strategy SEO.

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How To Find The Long Tail Keywords Using The Google Keywords For SEO

Before going into the details we will see what is long tail keywords first understand this post
What are Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are keywords or phrases that consist of more than three to four words, while a short tail keywords by words only 1 or 2

SEO Benefits Of Using Long Tail Keywords

keywords long tail are easy to relative range of short tail keywords, for example, to qualify for a keyword such as "SEO" is very difficult to classify and blog is almost impossible due to competition for keyword in particular it is very serious and is dominated by the best blogs and websites in niche SEO as long tail keyword like "SEO tips and tricks for beginners" is relatively easy range

Due to low competition and very few bloggers and webmasters target the keyword so it makes sense to try to rank in the top 10 of this long tail keyword with respect to rank for the keyword "SEO" reduces chances of getting into the top 10 results of Google SERP

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And if you are a novice blogger then I recommend to concentrate and focus more on long tail keywords to get good amount of traffic coming to your blog or website, while blogs are becoming increasingly popular, then it can be account the short tail keywords orientation

I'm not looking at you or pin point demotivate you do not have the potential, but friends is the fact and must be respected

Let's take an example and suppose you are in niche blogging and want to write a blog post that the keyword is directed "tips Blogging" and before you start writing your first article head to Google and see the first 10 results and get to know the reality

Because all 10 results on the first page are dominated by major blogs This is, therefore, long tail keywords are very important and can provide better results in terms of traffic and SEO.

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Find long Tail Keywords For SEO

Good to find long tail keywords, there are many tools and online generators which devoted an entire message that will show the best tools for generating keywords long tail, but for this post, I will share some tips for finding very easily without much hassle and effort
Find the long tail key words full use Google Auto

Well, it's very easy method to make your search keyword long tail that just go to Google, but choose incognito window when the Chrome browser or a private window is used

If you use Firefox Private Browsing why because Google Chrome using our browsing history to return the results showing in Google Suggest or full functionality of cars and could trigger results based on your past search history, so recommends use the private browsing window for investigation of long tail keywords so go ahead.

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In the above example and see how blogs you type into Google, suggests some popular keywords that fall down and we can see that the advice blogs is that research relevant to that niche, but it will best ideas to try to qualify for blog tips and find it, look in the competition for these particular words

Overall, the average number of monthly searches means it will be harder to rank for that particular keyword and "blogging tips" is the short tail keyword research will take our long tail keywords a step further

Now, in this example, the space after blogging tips then pressed you can see the keyword "tips blog" which is long tail keyword and contains 4 words and worth trying to classify and target this phrase in relation to "blogging tips"

Similarly, when you scroll down, you can see the term called Searches related to "keyword"

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As you can see in the picture above all these terms are variations of the keywords that are referred to as LSI (keyword semantic latent) that can target your blog posts here and you can also find another long tail keywords relevant to choose as in this "Blog tips for beginners" it is still a long tail keyword
How long keyword tail Local SEO

Now there are many companies and webmasters who have local businesses and want their blog or website found local search terms and selecting long tail keywords will certainly give you more traffic, sales and conversion lets see how, once Moreover, we will use Google for this

Suppose you use an SEO company you want to rank your website or blog when someone searches right SEO company or SEO agency? sounds relevant to your business as well, but again the same problem comes here is the amount of competition for that particular keyword

I think the competition for that particular keyword is huge, but many think it is very relevant, but I will say that this is not the reason?

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Because let's say you have a business in Chicago, then it will be beneficial for sorting keyword or long tail keyword "SEO company in Chicago" your audience to be more specific and more potential buyers c "no long tail keywords they are more profitable

Because visitors are only filtered to obtain information for readers who are willing to take your credit card and buy your products and services and becuase of low competition, it will be easier to rank for long tail words keyword "SEO company in Chicago" compared to only the keyword "SEO company" generic

Find the long tail keywords using the keyword tool from Google for free

1) First login to Google AdWords account

2) Then, click Tools and planning of the keywords in the top navigation bar

3) Now click Find new keyword ideas and ad groups and enter keyword lets say, for example, "Keyword Search" button and click Get Ideas

How to find long tail keywords
4) Now you will see two ideas ad groups and b) keyword suggestions so go ahead and click on the tab keyword ideas tabs)

5) You will see that some similar to the amount of monthly searches for you screen AVG particular keyword

 6) Now you can see the word "keyword search" becomes about 12,100 monthly searches so it would be very difficult to rank for that keyword, unless you have an authority very high as SI or Moz domain and more generic queue or short or broad keywords keyword that usually tends to have a lot of competition and can be difficult to qualify for
Find low competition long tail key words with Google Free Keyword

7) Therefore we will analyze a keyword or key phrase that gets good amount of traffic and a good chance to achieve high ranking results on search engines.

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Find the long tail keywords using the Google keyword

8) Therefore, after analyzing the previous keyword, we can see that there are a lot of similar keywords that relate to our main keyword, but for this keyword to be learned and one thing should be kept in their mind that you need to target the keyword that was the subject of their posts or blog pages

So if we take the example of the blog talking about keyword research so the keyword phrases as research tools keyword or keywords free search tools are not addressed on this blog

What seems more promising and phrases a good long tail keyword is "search key word SEO", "how to do keyword research", "keyword research free key" and a decent amount of traffic and very relevant in the context of our blog

9) In this way, you can find many keywords with low competition long tail to select and target your blog posts and this will greatly increase the chances that your web site rank higher in the results of the engines search.

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10) There are also many other online tools as super suggest, pro long tail (paid), but I think you can easily find low competition keywords long tail using the Google keyword and the best part is free to use and you do not have to pay a dime to use the keyword tool from Google

However, I'll write a whole post dedicated to the "keywords long tail without tools" is why we do not cover this part in this post so stay tuned and in this post I will share the best tools for words long tail key with you

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