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How To Build Dofollow Backlinks Free For Facebook

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How To Build Dofollow Backlinks Free For Facebook

If you want to know how to get backlink Facebook or how to get backlinks dofollow to Facebook, after landing the best place because here I will share the best tips for creating link dofollow decline of Facebook, Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites around the Internet and anywhere else is as popular as Facebook, but there are many bloggers and website owners who get lots of free traffic from Facebook

But did you know that you can get link dofollow reverse high pr Facebook for free knows and the best part is that you should take a clever trick to get backlinks from Facebook, is very simple and I will reveal the work material so that you can instantly see the link is made of dofollow, I saw many bloggers who publish inaccurate information because they will get link nofollow dofollow instead of just to get more traffic to their blogs, but I'm not like these and do not want to deceive my faithful readers

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Get links dofollow backlinks is very important because it will pass the link juice to your site and increase your Google ranking So, if you get backlinks facebook then surely will certainly increase your rankings blog site in search engines, no matter, it is Google, Yahoo or Bing, building backlinks quality is one of the most important factors that will improve your SEO efforts So friends without wasting much time we will see how to create backlink Facebook

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How to create Dofollow backlinks for Facebook

 1) First log into your Facebook account

2) Next, go to your Facebook page and click More

Note - If you have not created the Facebook page for your blog or website then then complete tutorial can be read

3) Then the list below, select the tab management and window opens as shown below click

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4) Now search search on Facebook and is easy to find this selection applications

5) Once selected, you will see the screen and then go ahead and click Add static HTML to a page

6) Then select the page you want to install this application and Add tab page

7) Then you will see a welcome tab, and then you will see an option called "Edit", click this

8) You will now see a page called index.html delete all content (instructions) of it and add the code mentioned below

<H1> <a href="http://www.yourwebsite.com"> </a> Anchor text </ h1>

* Note - yourwebsite replace your web site or blog name and set the desired anchor text

9) Now click Save and Publish! Finished work

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Now go see your Facebook page and the welcome tab, you can see that Dofollow backlink Facebook! Fresh

So friends was the best advice on how to get backlinks dofollow to Facebook if you like this trick please share with your friends from Facebook and other social media sites and do not forget to subscribe to the recommendations on building links

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