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How To Monetize A Website / Blog In 2016 Tips and Tricks


How To Monetize A Website / Blog In 2016 Tips and Tricks

If you are thinking how to monetize a blog or how to monetize a website and in this post I will share the best ways to monetize your blog or website and make money, Well, if you are a beginner blogger or webmaster then let me tell you that there are many ways to make money from your blog or website.
But to be honest to make decent money online, you need to put in much effort, determination and dedication to work on your blog or website, which is the truth to make money by blogging and once you give your hundred percent, so I'm pretty sure you'll be able to make money from your blog.
Recently I was talking with a friend of mine who is also in the fabrics of blogs, but it's still a beginner and he asked me how to monetize a blog and make money, not just my friend asked me this question, but there are many other bloggers and aspiring website owners who desperately want to monetize their blog site to supplement their income.
So in this post I will share some ways to monetize your blog or website.
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Ways To Monetize A Blog / Website In 2016

As there are literally many ways by which you can start monetizing your blog site but in this post I will share the best ways just so you do not have to scratch your head and wonder why I'm not able to make money

Because if you think that if a blog is money with ads, it does not mean you can totally depends on the niche or topic you are blogging about I'll show you the best and the most popular and fastest ways to monetize a blog or website.

1) Google Adsense - If you've been blogging for a while, then you must have heard the name of Google Adsense, if not then let me tell you that Google adsense is one of the most popular advertising networks on the Internet and there are many publishers who make money with adsense

Google adsense is the contextual advertising network that displays ads based on the content on your blog or website and when someone clicks on your adsense ads then you will make money per click, Google Adsense is the advertising network PPC

To monetize your blog site with Google adsense simply ask Google adsense and they review your application and approve or reject your account but do not worry if you have quality content on your blog then chances are they are likely to approve your account

So if you have just started to explore this make money things online and Google Adsense are the best ways to start monetizing your assets online

How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners Tips and Tricks

2) Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate marketing is another great method to monetize your blog site, there are many affiliate marketing networks like Clickbank, Amazon, a share sale, Commission Junction and many more, if you are in niche blogs or make money online niche, then affiliate marketing will exceed your income Google adSense very easy and you can make lots of money online

Simply choose a product and start promoting your blog or website and if someone buys the product from your affiliate link then you will earn commission, it is as simple as you do not have to sell your own products or services

You can simply registering with one of the affiliate networks mentioned above and pick the product you think your visitors will find useful and start promoting, you can also share your affiliate link on facebook, twitter, Google and most other social media sites

How To OutRrank Your Competitors Website In Google

3) Direct Advertising - This is still a very lucrative way to monetize your website unlike Google AdSense and other ad networks, you must give them a commission that is you cut out the middle man and take all the money you earn by direct advertising

However, for the experienced and pro blogger for direct advertising is not a big problem and they can easily get a lot many direct advertising offers, but for beginners bloggers a good alternative is BuySellAds which is also similar to the direct advertising and you can earn decent money online

4) Product Reviews - Product Reviews is one of the fastest methods to grab easy money, you can sign up with PayPerPost or social spark to get product reviews deals, you can easily make 50-60 dollars a written 500 word article about their product or service and post comments on your blog

However, there are a lot of pro bloggers who do a lot more than 300 to 400 dollars per job and this is a good way to try your hands on

How To Make Google Plus For Free Traffic 

6) Text Link Ads - If you are not approved by Google adsense then you can try with Infolinks is one of the best alternatives google adsense and you can make money when someone clicks on your text link which are automatically inserted by Infolinks on your blog or website that you will make money

7) Consulting - Blog or consultation website is also one of the best ways to make money with your blogging experience and there are many large companies or brands that hire bloggers for consultation and if your blog or website is popular, you can create a page about the consultation or blog page services where you can list all your services and trust me there are a lot of bloggers who make money by this method without put ads on their blogs, so if you are good at writing content, SEO (optimization of search engines), the development of the theme, then you can make decent money from your blog site

9) Selling Own Products – Unlike affiliate marketing where are you promote and sell other people's products and services here, you can sell your own products and services such as ebooks, software, plugins, themes, logos etc.

Many bloggers use this great technology blog monetization as darren rowse of problogger.net made handsome amount of money by selling its own e-book on its blogs and sold literally hundreds of thousands of copies in no time.

How To Get Targeted Traffic For Twitter

10) CPM Advertising – - CPM advertising is called cost per impression when you get paid per 1000 impressions and lots of advertising networks that provides this CPM advertising as Blogads, BuySellAds, tribal fusion, media etc. Casale

So if you do not make much money with PPC ads then you can try to monetize your website with CPM ads that do not involve clicks for you to get paid

11) Email Marketing - You must have heard this sentence several times that "money in the list" and yes it is true, and there are many bloggers who have a strong focus on strengthening their subscribers list email because there more subscribers you have the more sales you can make when you send promotional emails and many bloggers say they make decent money promoting products and services using email marketing

So if you have not started building your email list that I recommend to start building now because in the end, no matter if no one will buy your product but surely you can make a many sales through email marketing

You can use services like aweber, getresponse who are paid and MailChimp, good mimi that are free, but start increasing your subscriber list.

Google Adsense Alternatives Best Site 2016

Tips to monetize your blog or website in 2016

1) Traffic - Now that you know in various ways and how to monetize your blog or website, but all monetization methods above only works if you have a good amount of traffic because whatever you are using PPC , CPM, BuySellAds or any other method unless and until you drive decent amount of traffic you're not going to make much money from your blog sites so focus on building traffic your blog

More traffic = more money (Single Form)

2) Quality Content - Quality content is another important factor that determines how much you can earn money why? because if you are not writing the content that your visitors find helpful, they will just start looking for another site for more details and lose you money

3) Trust Building - As I have said earlier that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your blog, but for the affiliate marketing to work, you first need to Place confidence factors your readers then and only then you can make sales by promoting products

4) Regular Update - To generate regular traffic to your blog or website, you need to update your blog regularly, because if you post new content on your website regularly, visitors will keep coming and your ranking will also improve and refer to point 1 of formula

So it was friends how to monetize a blog or website if you like this post please share and tell me how do you monetize your blog sites and that we work for you via comments and if you have questions, you can discuss with me I hope this post will help you monetize your blog and earn lots of money! Enjoy and keep Blogging

How To Get Free Traffic From Facebook


How To Get Free Traffic From Facebook

If you are wondering how to get traffic from Facebook or how to get traffic to your blog site Facebook, while here in this post, I will share the best tips to drive traffic from Facebook, Facebook is the social media sites more large Internet and there is nobody on this planet.

Who does not know what is Facebook, whether illiterate or should have heard the name of Facebook due to its popularity in the world why not use Facebook to get traffic to your blog or web site and an effort very Littler you can see a dramatic improvement in your website traffic

Like many novice bloggers and website owners do not realize the potential of Facebook to drive traffic to their blog sites, but there are a lot of pro bloggers who get lots of traffic from Facebook and other means social media sites

How To Build Dofollow Backlinks Free For Facebook

There are already large companies that have used Facebook to generate lots of traffic and not just traffic you are able to get more sales, new customers, improve the conversion of Facebook so if you have trouble getting traffic to your blog or website, then it is time to diversify their sources of traffic and Facebook is one of the largest sources and easier to instant traffic

Recently one of my online friends asked me this question that how to get traffic from Facebook and it was very curious about how to drive traffic to your blog site Facebook I decided to write this post

How To Get Traffic From Facebook To Your Blog / Website

1) Facebook Profile - Your Facebook profile it is the first thing your readers and fans will then simply in no hurry to jump fill in the information about you that people want to connect with people and not with a website

So try to make more interesting their Facebook profile for your readers and write what you like, what you do, things that interest you what I mean here is to create a personal touch with your readers blog and definitely will distinguished from others

How To Get Website Traffic From Pinterest

2) Facebook Photos - Have you ever seen pro bloggers and celebrities who use images of other people! then you must also use the original photo on her profile I've seen many people using pictures of celebrities or other famous people, but this will not help you can not adopt a casual approach,

You make a real business and not just here to get more friends and love So make sure you have a good profile picture to their Facebook profile

3) Facebook Page - Unlike Facebook personal profile, you can create a Facebook page for your blog or web page that will definitely help you get more traffic from Facebook, be sure to use the blog or the name of a website and a link to your website that will drive a lot of traffic to your website blog

Include a beautiful cover image to your blog or website and that will certainly make your Facebook page look awesome

How To Make Google Plus For Free Traffic 

4) Share Blog Post- If you want to get traffic from Facebook, then you have to share your blog posts regularly on Facebook and notify their fans on Facebook that has new content on your blog site they can visit and this is one of the best ways to drive traffic from Facebook to your blog site

As soon as the publish button your next step is pressed to be shared on Facebook and other social media sites and believe me if you have a lot of friends and fans on Facebook, then certainly you can bring good amount of traffic your site for free

5) Regular Participation - If you want to get traffic from Facebook, then you need to interact with your audience Facebook regularly, not just when a new article is published on your blog or website because it will show that you really are here for readers and build strong connections immensely increase your trust factor with your audience Facebook

So if you have not posted on your blog for a while, which is fine, but does not send the update or little information what is happening in place and this will keep your fans interested and will regularly visit your website

How To Build Dofollow Backlinks Free For Google Plus

6) Share Images - On Facebook, find more likes and shares images why not use this strategy to drive traffic from Facebook to your blog site, whenever there is an image or interesting picture that is closely related to your niche, you need to share it on Facebook so you'll get more tastes and actions that, in turn, can carry a lot of traffic to your site for free

7) Ask Questions - This is one of the best ways to get traffic from Facebook is asking for problems related to the relevant industry to your Facebook fans and the public and are ready to answer your questions or will start a discussion on this topic for example, if you are in the niche of SEO, you can ask questions such as: How to SEO optimize a blog, see how many answers you get going now trying really works friends

8) Start Facebook Groups - Out Facebook pages there are many groups on Facebook that you can join that are relevant to your niche or just create your own group on Facebook for free and start sharing your blog posts and dialogue with members of his group, this is the strategy that many pro bloggers used to drive a lot of traffic to them from Facebook

How to create backlinks from Wikipedia free sites

9) Build Network - I'm sure you have other people in your niche to try to establish a relationship with them, sharing your articles on their Facebook page and like their content and replicate and credit also get this

Remember that if you are in the world of Internet marketing, you have to respect the rule of give and take, so start looking for other bloggers and website owners in place and connect with them

10) Facebook Ads - I am sure you must be aware of Google AdWords and you have a business, you must have used Google AdWords to drive traffic to your blog or website similar to what Facebook is also having means a advertising function that can be used to get traffic to your website

So if you have not used Facebook ads then give it a try and definitely you can see a good flow of traffic to your blog site Facebook for you

So friends was how to get traffic from Facebook, if you like this post please share and do not forget to tell me how traffic from Facebook on your site or blog driving, if you are a beginner blogger or site owner and want to increase the traffic to Facebook, then you must follow all the advice above and I'm sure that will increase traffic to your site blog dramatic very quickly! enjoy

How To OutRrank Your Competitors Website In Google



How To OutRrank Your Competitors Website In Google

If you are wondering how to outperform their competitors on Google or how to outrank a website that is your competition in Google and in this post I will share some practical tips and tricks, but effective, so you can outrank easily competitors in Google, yahoo, Bing and other search engines,

In this online world increasingly in competition, you can not just relax and sit thinking'm now comfortable sitting on the first page of Google and I'm happy where I am more times Google will surprise or might even be surprised website ranking has been reduced from 10 to 20 places in Google, it happens

Possible reasons may be that either your competitors have exceeded your site or you need to do something wrong with your website in terms of SEO never know the exact reasons and there are many times when you are stuck in a position that amounts in the results of the SERP happens and it happened to me and if you are in the same position where you want to update your blog on Google competition, then this is the message for you.

How to create backlinks from Wikipedia free sites

Many times it happens that you can climb the SERP results fairly quickly say, for example, 10 to 3 or more likely it is that the second page, but after it difficult to really exceed their competitors sites and all sites and blogs are the 1st or 2nd page of Google are high quality

So they beat them is not an easy task, but if we plan our strategy properly, then surely they can do it and that was that we will discuss in this post

Updating a  Website and Competition in Google

1) Content - Now you must think I know any content, how I can rank in Google, but let me tell you having a content is also classified as Type 2 is the quality of content and other quality is low or thin content and this is making the mistake that many novice blogger, think I'm having a lot of content on my blog so why am I ranked below that of my competitors

Well, the reason is that no matter how much content you find on your blog site, if the content is high quality and no Want to share or bond, then are likely to be classified compared to websites competition so I recommend to you if you just started blogging to focus more on the content, because in the end "content is king" or I'm sorry, I have to change this quote "quality content is king" now well !!

How To Build Dofollow Backlinks Free For Google Plus

2) Links - Good outperform their competitors in Google, you need to build links to your blog, but that does not mean you have to build hundreds of thousands of backlinks low quality, as this will not help your website have a good ranking that matters is the quality of backlinks to build and this will greatly affect the way your site will be ranked on the search results page engine

Literally, I saw many beginning bloggers who are just strategy wrong building links and build 1,000 backlinks to their blogs without having to worry about the quality of backlinks and scratching his head thinking I'll have more then backlinks my page competitors web why I am not able to outrank them

The answer to your question is simple "quality backlinks" that competitors may have less back then your website but the number of inbound links that could be the sites of very high quality and authority so plan your strategy building links and focus on acquiring more back high-quality authority sites

How To Build Dofollow Backlinks Free For Facebook

3) spy on your competition - Yes, if you want to update a Web site, should act as an FBI investigator that means you have to keep an eye on where new competitors backlinks you get, and what kind of content writing in their blogs and you can walk in the same direction

One way to spy on your competitors backlinks to use tools like ahrefs, moniterbacklinks, SEMRush for information on their retreat, even if they are paid tools, but every penny will certainly be surely pay

4) Be Better - A simple trick to outperform its competitors in Google it became the best blogger or webmaster than competitors which means write better content, build better backlinks, promoting their messages more blog than its competitors is overall goal should be to provide more than their then automatically activated, competitors will see the difference and you will be surprised that actually outperformed most of its competitors on Google.

How To Get Website Traffic From Pinterest

5) Do Guest Posting- This trick is very effective if used properly you have to do is find other blogs and websites high ranking authority in your niche and make guests publishing on his blog that ultimately will save backlinks and get new readers to your blog and is a great way to reach new audiences and wear good number of players from its competitors

6) Link slowly - Say you want to outrank a page in "Beginners Tips Blogging" that is not theirs by first what is sought is a throwback to that particular page and try to reproduce, but does so intelligently as assuming that the page is to have 100 inbound links dofollow

So do not just go and build links in a single day as it would look suspicious if the feature to analyze the profile is not used for this model the frequency instead of building their retreat slowly as backlinks 10 per day and that certainly outrank a website on the same sites of the Internet authority, and

7) On Page SEO - what it is now again one of the biggest ranking factors Google determines can outrank your competitors on Google or not and you have to do your SEO on the page, so be sure to use the main keyword in the meta title, meta description and a couple of times in the content

But do not go too far, which is where many bloggers rookies are wrong and you just end up with keyword stuffing and Google hates this and you can be penalized for keyword stuffing, make sure that the keyword density is less than or equal to 3%, which is ideal
How outrank the Authority in other countries.

How To Make Google Plus For Free Traffic 

Classification authority sites in google is not easy, but if you plan your SEO strategy and content writing then surely going to see good results, I mean that if upgrading sites intended as MOZ, searchenginejournal or wikipedia then forget

Why, because they are so large web sites have been on the Internet for years and have tons of backlinks pointing to them almost all items related to SEO are higher ranking on the first page of Google, many friends'm not looking, but this is the frightening reality literally can rank on the first page of Google with articles 100 words

What I mean here is that you can also get to this point of authority after a few years, but the first steps have to choose the authority under competition and gradually as time goes on it will begin to compete with these great gaints and is reduced to the point that you have to choose realistic goals and working properly

How To Get Targeted Traffic For Twitter

But Matts Cutts has to say how a small site can outrank the largest websites

So friends are some tips and tricks on how to outrank your competition in Google and I'm pretty sure that if all the above steps are followed before, then surely you can upgrade a single website easily on sites authorized your niche If you know another strategy that works for you, then do not share with me later I love to listen to her and do not forget to share and subscribe for more tips and tricks to publish! Blogging and enjoy good
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